SDKgen is a powerful code generator to automatically build client SDKs for your REST API.

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The sdkgen.json schema

This document describes the sdkgen.json JSON schema.

  1. type
  2. repository
  3. require


The type defines the programming language which the generator will produce. It is a string like client-typescript or client-php. You can get a list of all supported types through the following command:

./sdkgen types


Contains the target repository where the package manager resolves specifications in the form of [user]/[document], by default the TypeHub repository is used. It must be a URL pointing to the API i.e.


The require map contains all dependencies of your project. The key of each package can be one of the following forms:

A package hosted on the TypeHub platform, must be in the format [user]/[document]
An url pointing to a TypeAPI or OpenAPI specification
A file pointing to a TypeAPI or OpenAPI specification
    "require": {
        "fusio/sdk": {
            "version": "0.1.0",
            "target": "./src/gen/fusio"
        "": {
            "target": "./src/gen/folder"
        "./my/spec.json": {
            "target": "./src/gen/folder"


Defines a concrete specification version. The version property is only relevant in case the package form is used.


The target folder where all generated files are placed.


Optional a namespace for the generated code.