SDKgen is a powerful code generator to automatically build client SDKs for your REST API.

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SDKgen provides several ways to integrate our code generator into your project. The following page list all available integration options.


The SDKgen CLI is a simple binary written in go to access our generator. The following example show how you can use the binary.

> sdkgen install --client-id="[user]" --client-secret="[password]"

The install command reads the sdkgen.json file and automatically generates all defined dependencies.



We provide the SDKgen CLI also as docker image in case you are not able to execute external binaries. In this case you only need to mount a specific volume and the generator will be executed within the docker image.

Docker Hub

GitHub Action

We also provide a GitHub action which you can easily integrate into your workflow to automatically generate code. The GitHub action also reads the sdkgen.json file and generates the defined dependencies.

GitHub Marketplace


It is also possible to directly integrate our code generator through the REST API.