SDKgen is a powerful code generator to automatically build client SDKs for your REST API.

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SDKgen is a code generator and API package manager which solves the API integration problem by providing a code generator which turns a TypeAPI or OpenAPI specification into high quality and consistent client SDKs for all your API dependencies.


SDKgen allows you to define all API dependencies of your project in a simple sdkgen.json file. You can reference a file or url pointing to a TypeAPI or OpenAPI specification, or you can reference a specification at our TypeHub platform.

    "type": "client-typescript",
    "require": {
        "fusio/sdk": {
            "version": "0.1.0",
            "target": "./src/gen/fusio"
        "": {
            "target": "./src/gen/foo"
        "./spec/typeapi.json": {
            "target": "./src/gen/bar"

Through our SDKgen CLI you can then generate the client SDKs in the defined target language for every defined dependency. This command downloads the remote specifications and places the generated code at the target directory.

./sdkgen install



Our backend provides a simple interface to test and play with our code generator.

App editor


We provide a simple visual editor which helps you to describe your REST API for code generation.

App editor


Internally our code generator works with TypeAPI a new specification which we have developed as an OpenAPI alternative to describe REST APIs for type-safe code generation.